Aryka Randall  ||  Sonie Black

Aryka Randall is a 32 year old writer and marketing specialist from San Diego California who currently resides in Houston Texas. Aryka has maintained a presence within the LGBTQ community for over ten years to date. Her book "She's Just Not That Into You" is the basis for the pilot "30". Aryka enjoys writing, binge watching indie shows, foodie adventures, and anything having to do with Harry Potter, crawfish liquor, or music. 

She also enjoyed blogging and creating photo/interview series for publication.

Whitney Hicks ||  Carmen-Cruz Uthman  

Whitney Hicks is 32 year old artist who has created her mastery in spoken word, acting, and media corresponding.  She currently resides in Phoenix, AZ where she performs locally at many venues and hosts events. Along with her love of being on stage and in front of the camera.

Whitney is certified in audio technologies and is soundly and musically trained. Her knowledge and expertise has helped her gain experience behind the scenes and also obtain several opportunities in production. Whitney has earned her Bachelor’s degree in business communications minoring in film and media analysis and is looking to further her education in the near future. 

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Angelita Cardenas  ||  Brooklyn Sanchez

Angelita Cardenas is a 36 year old sales entity originally from Tuscon Arizona. Cardenas later relocated to Phoenix AZ where she graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing.

When she's not closing deals, Cardenas spends time traveling, exploring business ventures and visiting family in Arizona. She also enjoys modeling and acting as well as reading books on personal growth and business development. 



Renee Angelique- Duval || Brandi Davis

Renee is an up and coming actress from Houston Texas. She was casted exclusively by directors based on her "boho chic" appearance and natural acting ability. While Renee enjoys acting, she also hopes to become a well known print model, and successful business woman.